Some tragedies never end. Neither should our support.

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Parkland Cares Advisory Board:

  • Gwen and Howard Dvorkin
  • Alissa and Don Silvestri
  • Debi and Andrew Weisman
  • Jill and Gregory Spinder
  • Dr. Randy Heller
  • Dr. Jessica Hanzman
  • Stacey and Michael Udine
  • Alexis Ecoff
  • April Lewis-Parks
  • Marilyn and Michael Moskowitz
  • Lori and Steve Sadaka
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“Our goal is to make it easier for the survivors, their families and the community to easily find the resources needed to piece their lives back together again.”

Don Silvestri, President of

Our town has been rocked by a tragedy. But long after the media coverage fades, the wounds will remain.

Parkland Cares has been compiling this list of professional, reputable, and long-term counseling for anyone who needs it. Recovering from such tragedy doesn’t happen in mere days. It can take months and even years.

30 year resident of Parkland and Chairman Howard Dvorkin is spearheading this effort. Our website aims to continuously update services and tools for the community and beyond.

If you know of other resources that should be listed here, please contact us at




Donations raised will be used to provide funds and awareness for immediate and long term counseling and support for the victims, families and the community in the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, FL. The goal is to fund and promote counseling and support for those affected immediately and long after the initial crisis assistance has dissipated.

If you prefer, you may also send a check donation to:

Parkland Cares
5769 W Sunrise Blvd
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Parkland Cares, Inc. is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit as described in Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code with the EIN 82-5296399.

About Parkland Cares

Days after yet another deadly school shooting, grief counseling was available at the school and at walk-in facilities around Broward County, Florida, but those resources are only temporary. Parkland Cares is designed to be a collaboration of partners striving to bring counseling services and information to communities in one location. With a variety of crisis counseling and intervention services, short and long term therapy, community referrals and more available - the goal of Parkland Cares is to provide a centralized and continuously updated list of all the resources available to those coping with tragedy.

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If you know of other resources that should be listed here, please contact us at

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