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“I realized I could not sit idle knowing I had the ability and tools to help. As a father as well as a corporate leader, I knew that we must all come together and support the victims of this horrible tragedy. I want to make it easier for the survivors, their families, and the community to find the resources needed to piece their lives back together again.”

Howard Dvorkin, CPA and chairman of Debt.com

Howard Dvorkin launched Parkland Cares the day after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. As a 30-year Parkland resident who lives only a few miles from the school, Dvorkin personally funded Parkland Cares’ operating expenses. As chairman of Debt.com, he and his employees – many of whom live in, or close, to Parkland – have made Parkland Cares their designated charity. Dvorkin says, “The world has no shortage of tragedy, but I believe we owe it to our communities and ourselves to help our neighbors who are suffering. Parkland Cares is our way of doing that.”


Founded in honor of all those impacted by the Parkland, FL tragedy of 2018, Parkland Cares provides funding and awareness for trauma care and mental health services by awarding grants to local non-profit agencies who provide counseling for those in the South Florida community affected by trauma.


Starting just days after the February 2018 tragedy in Parkland, FL, Parkland Cares began by connecting MSD students, teachers, staff, and the greater community with mental health counseling and therapy to help them recover from the trauma of that tragic day. Based on the success of its funding trauma informed care, and to honor those affected by that day, Parkland Cares expanded its mission in 2021 to begin providing grant funding to local nonprofits providing mental health services anywhere in the South Florida region. As we celebrate reaching an incredible milestone of awarding over 1.1 Million Dollars in grant funding to local nonprofits, Parkland Cares will continue to expand its model throughout South Florida to serve more residents impacted by trauma. While our mission has expanded, our name remains the same , to honor those whose recovery should motivate others to say: I can heal too.

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