Since day one, Parkland Cares has given back to the MSD community in countless ways. As we approach the three-year mark  since the tragic Valentine’s Day of 2018, our emotions are still raw and many still feel the  anxiety and  psychological wounds.  We must continue to provide a support system by removing barriers to accessing mental health services, and Parkland Cares works to do that each and every day by raising funds and awareness.

“While my life has been forever impacted by the tragedy, I’m determined to be a part of a better and brighter tomorrow,” said 19-year old Carly Dvorkin, who grew up in Parkland, Florida. “Knowing where to go is the first step to getting help, and my hope is that these sweatshirts can help lead the way to mental health support and healing. Whether or not you were directly affected by the tragic shooting at MSD, when you wear this sweatshirt, you show that we’re truly all in this together.”

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