Founding Members

Founding Members – $2,500

Rabbi Jessica Brockman

Marta and Neil Dupree

Alexis Ecoff, MA, MCAP, LMFT

Vicki and George Flyth

Stephen Garber

Mary Beth, Taylor and Colin Gates

Dr. Jessica Hanzman

Dan Hafetz

Dr. Randy Heller

Denyse and Dr. Craig Hostig

Katerina and Olli Jokinen

Lauren and John Madden

Manuel Mair

Andrea Maizes

Sean Mitchell

Marilyn and Michael Moskowitz

Diana and John Noble

Gary Press

Jeffrey Racenstein

Dr. Judith Aronson-Ramos

Senator Jeremy Ring

Lori and Steve Sadaka

Elizabeth and Sammy Schulman

Alizabeth and Michael Shooster

Alissa Silvestri

Jill and Gregory Spinder

County Commissioner Michael Udine

Debi and Andrew Weisman

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